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C. B. Gitty Cigar Box GuitarHere at we showcase the various parts and supplies you can use to help build and decorate your Cigar Box Guitar, as well as discussing some of the creative ways that these parts can be used. Though not a true “how-to” site (check out our sister site for a growing knowledgebase of cigar box guitar how-to), a lot of good how-to information will be presented in terms of how to make use of some of the parts we feature: things like how to install a piezo, wire up a volume pot, make good use of sound hole inserts, install tuners, etc.

We will showcase parts and supplies from various sources, with the primary source being C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply, the only cigar box guitar superstore. For over five years they have been working hard to bring CBG builders great prices on an ever-growing list of instruments, kits, parts and accessories. If you haven’t yet checked out the C. B. Gitty store, browse on over today. You won’t be disappointed!

Cigar Box Guitar Corners!


New Pickup Routing Templates – never guess at pickup hole sizes again!

Guitar Pickup Routing TemplatesNow available only from C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply, this 2pc. set of magnetic pickup routing templates makes it easy to accurately mark your cigar box (or other instrument body) for some of the most popular pickups on the market today.

This is just the latest in a bevy of new tools, templates and jigs being designed and produced by C. B. Gitty specifically for the cigar box guitar and homemade/handmade musical instrument-building market. Never before has this amount of design and product development been brought to bear on this particular field, and the results are changing how people build CBGs – faster, more efficiently and more accurately.

Click the links above to browse over to and check out some of this great new stuff!

Shane Speal Demos the C. B. Gitty “Red Dot” stick-on pickup for Cigar Box Guitar & More

Have you ever wondered what’s the absolute easiest way to amplify your cigar box guitar? With a stick-on contact pickup. In this vid, Shane Speal shows you the C. B. Gitty “Red Dot” stick-on contact pickup and all of the cool things you can do with it.

Keep your Cigar Box Guitar Strings in line with String Retainers

Click the image above to see the string retainers available from C. B. Gitty.

Click the image above to see the string retainers available from C. B. Gitty.

Have you ever built a cigar box guitar, only to find that your strings leave the tuner posts and don’t even touch the nut, or aren’t tight enough against it? Or you can’t keep that stubborn low string in its nut groove? This is a common problem on homemade instruments, especially when you don’t have a scarf jointed/angled headstock.

There are different ways to fix this, including the simple solution of just putting screws down into the wood of the neck/headstock to hold the strings in place. A much more elegant solution is to use string retainers. These are small pieces of hardware, usually available in different finishes, that are manufactured specifically for keeping guitar strings in place and at the right height for optimal performance.

C. B. Gitty recently added 2 new styles of string retainers in both chrome and gold. If you have been fighting with your strings, or using screws, give a set or two of these a try and you’ll love the results! String retainers are a great way to add that special touch to your Cigar Box Guitars.

Cigar Box Guitar How-to Video: Installing a P-90 Soapbar Electric Guitar Pickup


Check out this recent addition to the knowledgebase over at – a 10-minute video showing you every step of installing a classic P90-style “Soapbar” pickup in your neck-through cigar box guitar. Click the image above to go to the knowledgebase entry on where you can view the full video!

New Cigar Box Guitar Tuning Article: Open E “EBE” with sound clips!

Open E Cigar Box Guitar StringsC. B. Gitty has just published the third installment in his series of 3-string cigar box guitar tuning how-to articles over on This one covers the Open E “EBE” tuning, which is great for the blues! This tuning was used by Shane Speal on his recently released album Holler!, on the tracks Big Leg Woman/Swing the Hammer, specifically because this tuning gives you that raw, growly blues sound.

Click Here to View the Open E EBE Tuning Article

The article gives you the exact pitches and string sizes to achieve this tuning on a cigar box guitar in the range of 24-25″ scale length, and also includes sound clips of Gitty playing each tuning on a cigar box guitar, so you can get a feel for what the sound like.

How-to Video on Installing the C. B. Gitty “Florentine Screamer” Magnetic Pickup Harness

Glenn Watt has created another great how-to video, this one on how to install the Florentine Screamer pre-wired magnetic pickup harness from C. B. Gitty. While this vid focuses on the Florentine Screamer, the same principles can also be used to install C. B. Gitty’s other pre-wired harnesses that include a mounting plate on the pickup (for example, the four pole and six pole magnetic pickup harnesses). Check it out below!

New Zero Fret How-To Article at

A Zero Fret on a Cigar Box GuitarA new how-to article focused on Zero Frets has been added to the cigar box guitar knowledgebase over at If you have ever wondered what a zero fret was, or how you might make use of one in your cigar box guitar building, browse on over and check out this article.

A Zero Fret can save you a lot of time over a traditional nut, which has to be shaped and filed just right, and is a great way to dial in your action height.


C. B. Gitty gives you the lowdown on the What, Why and How of zero frets, to get you going on installing your first one in your CBG.

Product Feature: The Flying Bridge

One of the easiest ways to build a cigar box guitar is to use the “stick on box” method, where the neck is mounted to the top of the cigar box. This is much easier than the “stick through’ method where you have to cut notches into the box, and a recess into the neck.

An "old style" stick-on-box cigar box guitar with the bridge resting on the neck. Low volume!

An “old style” stick-on-box cigar box guitar with the bridge resting on the neck. Low volume!

Unfortunately, the stick-on-box method has long been looked down on, Read More…

Ready to try making your own cigar box guitar fretboard? This video shows you how!

Check out this video, in which up-and-coming Cigar Box Guitar guru Glenn Watt walks you through making your first fretboard for a cigar box guitar. Of course you could always buy one of C. B. Gitty’s Pre-made CBG Fretboards, but why not have a go at making your own? You can find the supplies you’ll need here.