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3-String Cigar Box Guitar DetailHere at we are dedicated to showcasing the various parts and supplies you can use to help build and decorate your Cigar Box Guitar, as well as discuss some of the creative ways that these parts can be used. Though not a true “how-to” site, a lot of good how-to information will be presented in terms of how to make use of some of the parts we feature: things like how to install a piezo, wire up a volume pot, make good use of sound hole inserts, install tuners, etc.

We will showcase parts and supplies from various sources, with the primary source being our friends over at C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply. For over two years these folks have been working hard to bring CBG builders great prices on an ever-growing list of parts and accessories. If you haven’t yet checked out their site and web store, browse on over today. You won’t be disappointed!

Taking Action: One builder’s approach to CBG Building

A Beginner’s Guide: The #1 Tip to Get Started

by Glenn Watt

IMG_7067Are you making building a cigar box guitar into a harrowing experience? Is far too much time being spent on searching for the ideal box, just the right wood for the neck, and all the appropriate hardware to make certain that your build is perfect? Do you need to stop by the hardware store once more to check into getting a specialized tool that will put your gitty on par with all the other guitars you see online?

This hobby of building CBGs and other handmade/homemade instruments is terrifically satisfying Read More…

Celebrity Cigar Box Guitar News: Mumford and Sons

Mumford and Sons with CBG

MumfordCigar Box Guitar builder Mitch Barhorst had a great opportunity to meet up with the guys from Mumford and Sons after their show in Troy, Ohio back in September.

Mitch is an avid cigar box guitar builder and was able to present the band with a couple of his best creations. He tells us the guys were really interested in the whole concept of CBGs, and it does seem like they could definitely incorporate them into their innovative sound.

So keep an eye out for a cigar box guitar or two popping up in Mumford & Sons music videos or stage shows!

Good job for making this happen Mitch!

Cigar Box Guitar How-To: Installing C. B. Gitty’s Basic Pre-Wired Piezo Harness (Product #50-014-01)

In this article, CBG craftsman Glenn Watt walks us through how he installs one of our Basic Pre-Wired Piezo Harnesses (Product #50-014-01)

So you want to hear that new gitty you’re building through your amplifier that’s been sitting unused behind the holiday decorations in the basement? Do you want to make certain that you can crank that little bad rabbit when everyone leaves and you’re left to your own devices in a quiet home? Or maybe you’re looking to level-up and retro-fit a pickup into a guitar you already have that’s been sorely  needing a little volume. In the Pre-Wired Piezo and Jack Harness from C.B. Gitty you have the simplest way to electrify your instrument with the most basic of installation requirements.

What You'll Need - Tools and Parts

What You’ll Need – Tools and Parts

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A Brief Refresher Course on Piezo Pickups

On the topic of pickups for acoustic instruments, the choices come down to either piezoelectric transducers (piezos), 1 acoustic guitarwhich we will be briefly discussing here, or microphones. While there are a number of varieties of piezos used throughout industry, two basic styles tend to be used in instruments (particularly handmade instruments like cigar box guitars): disks and rods. While the basic technology in them is the same, the resulting sound you get from them can be very different, with many variables coming into play – mounting location and method usually being foremost. At C. B. Gitty we get a LOT of questions from new builders about piezos, here is a little refresher.

A disk piezo is very sensitive to vibrations  Read More…

Paul McCartney puts Cigar Box Guitars on the Center Stage

This has been quite a week for the cigar box guitar movement. First, Sir Paul McCartney appears onstage at the 12.12.12 Hurricane Sandy benefit concert with a four-string cigar box guitar, in the midst of of a Nirvana reunion. This was by far the biggest public exposure a cigar box guitar had ever seen, and ever since the Internet was abuzz with people asking: what was that instrument Paul was playing? Visits to,, and related Facebook pages are way up.

Then last night (Saturday, December 15) Sir Paul does it again and appears on Saturday Night Live, again with Nirvana and again with his 4-string CBG!

In two fell swoops Paul McCartney has unequivically thrust the cigar box guitar onto the world stage. No more can “real” guitar people scoff and say they are toys, or that they are not “real” instruments. I don’t like to overstate things, but it seems like this is a defining moment in the history of the cigar box guitar.

Here is the Youtube video of the 12.12.12 appearance:

And here is a Youtube clip of the SNL appearance:

The cigar box guitar movement is just getting started, my friends…

“Cigar Box Guitars” author David Sutton Interviewed on FOX Chicago

It’s very cool any time we get to see Cigar Box Guitars in the press, and this interview of David Sutton on the Chicago FOX affiliate takes the cake! David is the author of the great “Cigar Box Guitars” book which came out earlier this year (available from C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply, of course!), and is one of the foremost voices in the CBG community. He does a great job of helping to spread the word about CBGs in this interview, which FOX Chicago ran in lead-up to the Chicago Cigar Box Guitar Festival taking place TODAY (Saturday, November 10) in the northern suburbs of the windy city.

David Sutton FOX Interview Screenshot

Click the screen shot above, or here to watch the video!

Inaugural Chicago Cigar Box Guitar Fest coming up on November 10

Another Cigar Box Guitar festival is just around the corner, this time in the suburbs of the windy city! The first Chicago Cigar Box Guitar Festival will be held on Saturday, November 10 and will feature some of the biggest names in the Cigar Box Guitar world, including Puragatory Hill and Johnny Lowebow!

Here is more info from the the CCBGF site:

On November 10 2012 International recording artists will converge on the northern suburbs of Chicago for the inaugural Chicago CBGF. In a world of mass produced, cookie cutter, disposable music and instruments the Cigar Box Guitar stands apart. From the simplest one string diddley bow to finely crafted highly detailed 6 string fretted cbg’s each one is as unique as it’s maker. The styles of music played on them ranges from Delta Blues to Primitive Rock to Jug Band to Gothic Blues and beyond. At this years CBG Fest you’ll see some of the top acts in the cbg world and have the chance to buy your own cbg.

For more info, visit the festival’s homepage:, or on FaceBook:

A nice little cigar box guitar feature story

Check out this article on the Toronto (Canada) Standard site:

Cigar Box Guitar Necks and Fretboards now available from C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply

We are very excited about the most recent additions to the C. B. Gitty product line: pre-made necks and fretboards made specifically for CBGs in our own shop!



All of the necks we offer have a nice angled headstock (scarf jointed), with various options from basic/plain to fully fretted with headstock extensions! We offer the necks in 4 woods at present: hard maple, white oak, cherry and peruvian walnut.

For the fretboards, we offer both slotted and fully fretted, in four beautiful and hard-to-find woods: white oak, Peruvian walnut, purpleheart and zebrawood.

The work that has gone into these fretboards, and especially the necks represent some of the most difficult parts of CBG building: scarf jointing, headstock extensions and fretting. These are great options for really bumping your special CBG up to the next level, without all of the hard work and special tools that it takes to do the job well. Now you can let C. B. Gitty take care of all of that for you, so that you can focus on the fun parts of building!

Cigar Boxes Ain’t Just for Guitars Anymore!

Check out this nice feature article on a University of Rhode Island student who built a replica of an ancient Roman instrument using his own research, ingenuity and… a cigar box!

It’s nice to see today’s university students taking on a “hands on” sort of project like this, while at the same time expanding the realm of cigar box guitars and other handmade/homemade instruments!